Saturday, September 20, 2008

wobbles and shifts

Reflecting on something I read in Will Richardson's Wiki...'.teaching' and shifting-learning with students-something I have always believed anyway.  I have had the opportunity to have my own classroom only 3 times since beginning the teaching journey...and what I have found out is that all along i have had this approach to education:  that I was a learner too...that I wanted students to have meaningful and engaging activities in class and outside of class,  and that I wanted what they were learning to be something they felt linked to in some way-that they had some input into what they were studying.

Connecting students globally, students getting a voice, real work for real purposes and learning with students....this shift in education is also a shift in the word 'teacher'....I remember in the Education programme we ended up using the slogan 'life-long learner' or 'teacher/learner' who will constantly shift and evolve with their students, but how much of this do most 'teachers actually do'? I find most classrooms still 'teacher directed' and that most students will still tell you that recess is their favourite subject.  

By really shifting our focuses-we are then more mentors or guides-in the daily running of a real learning environment, where students can shine, whatever their learning style.

Friday, September 19, 2008