Sunday, August 24, 2008

TLITE reflection

So its now the end of our second Summer Institute and I feel a bit sad. I love all the 'face to face' meetings we have, being the social person that I am. I always get energized from being with people 'in the flesh'. Also a bit ironic: I left my camera at the library of Terry Fox and drove out yesterday....thinking that maybe somebody would be there, but alas....parking lot empty and no one in sight! Empty! oh well....

So now begins the journey of our 'field studies' and how I might integrate digital technology with a course like Drama or Acting 11...I get ideas constantly and while I find this exciting, trying to get them all down so that I can choose one, is my main challenge: FOCUS!

Ideas: (as I can grab them from my inner workings)

1. I have asked a grade 12 student, who I had in Acting 11, to be the director of the Drama 9's play we did called 'Ghost Girl' last spring, for MET FEST '08...What I would love, is to have her keep a record of her journey-which would be part of her credit for Acting 12. (Directing) 

2. Creating Wikis for the drama class. This could be a place for students to journal (or Blogspot) rather than in paper form which I always found a bit difficult to get all students to do.  I like the convenience of Facebook...too...but ...well....................

3. Video-taping students acting work for them to use and peers-for self-assessment. Having rear projection for our Met Fest performance...and a soundscape would be nice.

4. Possibly broadcasting improv. skits with other students in other provinces acting classes. Have to research this further. But I love the sharing/penpal options available now for students globally.

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