Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I saw this video from a couple of years ago-reminds me of the Michael Wesch's "A vision of students today" and here's another one of his that i love: Information/Revolution

I find myself drawn to those students who don't fit the 'norm' and march to their own beats...the 'artsy' types, the ones who fall through the cracks and are bored with school. But I am also interested in (and puzzled by) those students who get more from working independently, or are introverted and find school a place that stresses them out. I know from my own memories of school, that it was a bit stressful-esp. high school....but i also liked lots about school: i love to learn with people-I'm an 'extrovert' according to Meyer/Briggs....(but i did score once as a borderline extrovert/introvert...) I get energized from collaboration-and school is setup this way =but what about those who need to get energized from within...? What about those who hate going in front of the class but yet have to due to it being part of the curriculum?

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