Tuesday, February 24, 2009

directed/self directed/learning

I am listening to Teri talk to her grade 9's and 10's about photography. Something she spoke about yesterday sticks in my mind. She told the students that there is a large amount of evidence proving that students still learn the best with the teacher in the room.  She is an art teacher, film teacher, photo teacher and also teaches Yearbook.  Much of her course assignments are project based, being 'art' courses....hands-on etc. However she feels that there is a time and a place for the teacher to be in front of the class....teaching.   In this case, to learn about cameras, safety and expectations.  But also, throughout the term,  students will have this face to face, with new topics.  I know that I like to learn with others. Teaching myself online is probably my least favourite thing, and while I've been forcing myself to do this better, I still favour an 'in the flesh' approach!

So gettting back to my WIKIspace with my Communication 12's,  I have received assignments from 4 of 17 students.  I also have added their regular teacher to our WIKI.  She is giving them some class time to complete assignments which I post online.  I would mainly like to see the WIKI as a discussion place, where students can share and post and modify the page if they want. I also have told them I see it being a support to their learning.  A place where they can go to find information to supplement what they are doing in class.  Unfortunately many I think, are feeling like its extra work.  (and not its off to eat i go....Teri has homemade Turkey soup)

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