Monday, February 16, 2009

PMSS Field study

Had my first day with my Communications 12 students and they seem keen to try this Wiki stuff. The only problem I'm facing now, is that although I have their emails and I've invited them all, I have to wait to see if they do their homework! I have booked a computer lab to ensure I have them all on board and then to get them to create blog portfolios which I am planning to link to our Wiki. I also like the idea of one Blog that is student run. As this is not 'my' class, I have to somehow get it across to students that this is part of their classwork and will contribute to their learning and their final grades. I feel pretty optomistic about the whole project. There are still some glitches to iron out though: how to keep the connection with the students when I am not here-participation is still key to any lesson working. It was nice to see many of my former students today.

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Betty Online said...

Off to a great start Tania. Glad to have you blogging about it. It is a great way for me to follow it for sure.
Have fun.