Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fielding questions...

Well....interesting day-booked libary out...and as I thought....the students meandered in and 14 of the 17 showed up. I managed to get them set up but now need to figure out some WIKI stuff...like whether when I first made this wiki if I made it a teacher/educator type one. I remember Sharon from TLITE helping me initially with this when we did the COQTLITE wiki. Here's the link for my new classroom wiki: planetzutar ... I am still having some difficulties with understanding the inner workings of html and privacy and admin. vs. members etc. I do what I usually do-play-learn with the students and thankfully have many helpful/knowledgable ones! I was going to have them set up blogs as well, for creative writing and journalling but it took the whole class (as expected) to set up the wikis (and the computers/internet were super slow) Well now its back to Coquitlam for daughters hockey game.

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